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Creating an App for Local Businesses Made Simple

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Creating an App for Local Businesses Made SimpleDeveloping a mobile app as used by Atlantic Bedding and Furniture requires a professional help. The branches of this furniture stores charlotte nc, Charleston and Myrtle Beach have successfully integrated mobile apps as a part of their business. Their website address is

So you need an app to spruce up your local business. You have three routes to develop them. One is you can do it on your own using do it yourself tools. Second, you can outsource the developing or designing of the app to freelancers. Third, you can outsource it to big time development shops or agencies. Which route to choose will depend on the professionalism you expect from the app.

The growing trend as well as business potential offered by mobile apps has shifted the focus of many businesses to employ the use of these apps in their business. Mobile apps not only allow you to build your brand, but also, help you being recognized. If you too want to utilize the benefits offered by mobile apps, then there are a few do it yourself tools that you can employ to build your own app. If you are on a tight budget, the best bet is these tools. These tools have a ‘what you see is what you get interface’ that makes it possible for even novices to work with them. These tools eliminate the need to hire a professional developer. Google App inventor is an example of such a tool.

Things to know before building your mobile app:

If you are looking at tapping into the iphone market, then check out AppMakr or SwebApps. Multiple mobile platforms can be aimed at by using tools like BuildAnApp or Socialight. These tools and other such similar tools can be found by a simple search on the net. If you are looking at a very professional looking app, then you might have to hire someone to design it for you.

In case you are looking at outsourcing the work to a skilled designer or developer, trust the web to find you one. oDesk and Elance are good sites which can point you to the right designer or developer. When you are hiring a freelance developer or designer, have all the paperwork in place like non-disclosure agreements and invoices, etc. This will ensure that the work is completed on time and the developer is also covered.

Communicate well about your expectations to them. Have reasonable expectations and don’t micro-manage the project. If your business has a heavy dependency on apps and you decide to have a very professional app there are professional development shops and agencies to help you out. They can hand hold you through the whole process of app development. Charges will depend on the kind of services on offer. If you are very particular about quality and professionalism, these people are the best bet.


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