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Latest Trends in Mobile App Development for Businesses

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Latest Trends in Mobile App Development for BusinessesTechnology is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. This is more evident than it seems to be in the applications and mobile phones’ market. Every year sees new trends and innovations in phones – new applications are being written to make it easier for the end users to have access to all their information, whenever and wherever they are.

The matter of fact is that companies are trying to use the existing software and technology to offer a lot of new programs. They are not focusing on just individual customers, but they are targeting new businesses as well. The sharp spike in demand for smart phones has increased the requirement for developers as well as new programs. Nonetheless, this has created a pool of new talent next door. With such immense addition and investment, here is what one can expect to see in the next year:

  • Demand for gaming and social networking apps is on the rise. There are many different platforms present for this ranging from Android applications to IOS, Blackberry and a few more. Many more customers are using these and the focus is on content sharing. Content sharing will add a great deal of variation in user experience. Other than sharing pictures, videos and songs over the mobile phones and mobile internet, content sharing will extend to notes sharing, study media and information sharing app as well.
  • Mobile Payment apps are gaining ground as well. Mobile wallet is one service which has overtaken conventional methods of payment – this is a far more secure way and even banks are getting into the market by offering mobile payment options to the customers. It is expected to overtake the credit and debit card payment methods too. This is because; a single click on the mobile screen will help you pay your bill. The chances of theft will come down drastically. Billing will surely go mobile with this app around the corner.
  • App stores across the board are seeing new products being offered to businesses and individuals, both. Many small businesses are not only buying apps that assist in streamlining their business, they are customizing them as well. Customization helps in promoting sales, since it focuses on combining coupons and special offers.
  • Cloud Computing is changing the way information is stored. Thanks to the increased demand, cloud based applications are becoming more and more popular. The eventual trend is to encourage businesses to switch over to an efficient and cost effective way of doing business. Security issues are being worked out as well.
  • Location is one of the main factors that helps in bringing information and services to users, based on context. Information like user’s location, preferences, gender, age, etc. are all factored in order to provide a more context aware service.

All the trends mentioned-above are some of the biggest expected trends in the mobile industry of new apps.

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