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Top Must Have Business Apps

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Regardless of what computer or Top Must Have Business Appsphone a person chooses to use, there are several apps which make a business owner’s life easy. With so many apps available for downloads, it is hard to figure out which one is more useful.

Companies are using talented programmers and developers to come up with a new range of applications for the purpose of helping businesses. These apps suite small and large scale companies, both. They help the companies in improving their productivity, better time management and better ROI. Here is a look as some of the top business apps, which can be downloaded for easy use.

  • Square: This program helps businesses in processing the credit card payments via Apple’s products. It comes with a free card reading accessory as well. This app offers no monthly charge for its use. 2.75% charge on each transaction is deducted. Payment is accepted through all the credit and debit cards.
  • Evernote: This app helps people in keeping a track of all the tasks to be completed. Evernote can store text, voice messages, photos, etc. Its inbuilt features help in synchronizing all the updates across different devices.
  • ScannerPro: This app helps in converting the iPhone into a document scanner. With this app, it is possible to scan any information regardless of whether it is a document, invoice or business card. It is a very safe app, since it offers the feature of password protection. This means, you cannot access this app unless you enter the password.
  • Flight Track Pro: This app is very handy for the travelers all across the world. This is because; this app saves itinerary, offers flight details, delays, changes in gates, weather information, etc. Maps of airport terminals are also made available by Flight Track Pro.
  • MightyMeeting: This app can be used to access uploaded presentations and videos from anywhere, onto any device, including a screen.
  • Gist: This app organizes and updates contact information in one single location. It imports information from different sources and fetches social media updates too.
  • LinkedIn: It is one of the best networks for professionals and businesses, since it helps companies in finding new employees and vice versa.
  • Print n Share: This fun app lets a person use any medium to send documents for printing, using a wifi network. Remote printing is also possible with this app.
  • Jump Desktop: This software offers the option of managing and accessing one’s desktop from any location, negating the need to lug a laptop.
  • OmniFocus: This app is a little expensive, but is performs all the duties of a PA ranging from organizing tasks to managing a calendar, prioritizing work lists and much more. It is also possible to synchronize this app between many devices.


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