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Top Google Apps for Businesses

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Top Google Apps for BusinessesThe last couple of decades have brought about a sea change in technology. All the tactics of gathering information, shopping and the way people do business has changed manifolds. Computers and phones are now the preferred tools. For this reason, new methods and applications are being developed every day to make life easier.

Undoubtedly, Google is the biggest company in the field of technology that the world sees today. Google has a Marketplace for Apps (applications) which are also used to streamline various aspects of business operations. It is for this reason that apps are regarded as goldmines for a lot of inexpensive solutions to businesses. Some of the best and most used apps are mentioned below.

  • Slide Rocket: This software is available for free. It allows people to import materials for the purpose of preparing presentations. It also permits users to create fresh presentations within no time. The best part about this app is that it can be used from anywhere in the world. All you need to have in order to access this app is Account name and Domain name.
  • Smart Sheet: This software is used to check the ongoing progress of various projects. This process is streamlined to offer easy navigable functions. All you need to do is import the spreadsheet and subdivide it into tasks. Though, it is not available for free. It also offers a calendar for the purpose of tracking progress.
  • Aviary: This free app is an editing media option. It is known to offer audio editing option as well.
  • Mindmeister: This tool is used to sketch ideas for projects and can be downloaded by paying a nominal fee. It can also be used to organize information via brainstorming.
  • GQueues: This tool is used to assign tasks that can be synced with Google Calendar for the purpose of tracking project’s progress. It helps in keeping the team members in a loop. The charges offered are nominal.
  • Bantam Live: This is an affordable app used for tracking activities and updating team progress. The address book and notes feature helps in sharing information.
  • Socialwork: This free tool helps multiple teams in having a central forum/area for posting ideas.
  • Offisync: This Free program helps people in saving files in Microsoft Office and Google Docs. It offers sharing ability, which helps in sharing the information with other people upon need.
  • TextFlow: This app is initially free, followed by a nominal charge. It provides a snapshot of the work in progress for easy review. Changes can be made accordingly.
  • Vertical Response: This tool helps in designing and managing email campaigns. It is easier to import mailing lists and tracking real time results. It offers nominal charges followed by ‘pay as you go’ option.

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