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Why Users Prefer Mobile Apps over Mobile Websites

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Why Users Prefer Mobile Apps over Mobile WebsitesIt is now a commonplace for people to use their smart phones to access all kinds of information. This practice behooves a business owner to change the business practices. It is necessary in order to reach for the right audiences on the mobile web. This is a bit of a challenge, but it offers all kinds of opportunities to those who make an effort.

Mobile business owners are witnessing a change in the business tactics. This change is an attribute to the fact that mobile internet users are using smart phones for purposes much beyond just social networking. This has not ruled out the business opportunities for mobile companies; instead, it has created a new business niche altogether. For those who make a change, the business is flourishing. A few interesting facts about this phenomenal change are given as follows.

  • Over 80-90% of re-searches done by people using their phones, results in a sale or a visit to a business. More and more people are using their mobile phones to not only get information, but also to shop. This trend has offered new business opportunities of mobile shopping to various companies.
  • Over 50% of customers are using their phones and different applications to look up for products before buying them. This is a kind of a mobile window shopping. Its ease is one of the biggest reasons why users prefer apps over mobile websites. Statistics also show that about 50% mobile users purchased 1 or more items via mobile apps in the past 6 months.

If one is to believe the numbers, there are currently over a billion smartphones in use all around the world. This number is expected to triple and companies are coming up with innovative ways of advertising for the purpose of reaching more customers. Less than 20% of companies have a full fledged mobile marketing plan. Thanks to the internet and many free tools, companies are skipping advertising on websites and going the mobile way.

Going with the mobile apps is important as a business owner for a couple of reasons mentioned below.

  • Companies have to account for which solution fits their needs the best, since many apps don’t need an internet connection.
  • Apps are in huge demand because of their inbuilt controls. Various specialized apps have helped many people in saving time and money, both.

Businesses flourish if all these factors are kept in mind while formulating a marketing plan. End users like being able to look and absorb information without having to zoom in. Content should contain important information in a snapshot. Navigation should be easy. Companies should also keep scalability in mind, because there are different phones and software to deal with. Nevertheless, businesses which are serious about changing over should invest some time and money to ensure that landing pages and websites are tailored exclusively for mobile devices.

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