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Mobile Apps – A Must Have for the Hospitality Industry to Get Over the Competition

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Mobile AppsPeople are increasingly planning their vacations, eat outs etc. form their smart phones. Thus it is imperative for the hospitality industry to have a proper mobile app. This would enable their clientele to find the right provider or do the necessary bookings. This simple translates to higher business volumes.

Mobile apps are turning out to be a must for the hospitality industry. These are fine tuned for usage on mobile phones and tablets. Normal websites are not mobile friendly for users. They have to struggle with tiny fonts, zoom in unnecessarily, adjust page settings and so on and so forth. With mobile apps, people can plan for their travel from their smart phones itself. An increased dependency on mobile phones for all data transactions means apps are a must for any hospitality provider. People are planning their vacations increasingly from their mobile phones.  A host of useful features on apps make it super convenient for travelers. They can also book flight tickets or hotel rooms through the apps on their phones itself.  This super convenience simply means more business. Thus any serious business provider in the hospitality industry cannot afford to miss this bus.

Search capabilities are extremely enhanced in these apps. Hotels, restaurants, events and many such that are of interest to the traveler are made available. People make searches based on their likes. For example someone might search for a Thai restaurant in a city and voila! It is made available. The Thai restaurant which has an app listing has got a new customer, while a restaurant which does not have such a listing, loses out on that customer. This illustrates well that those providers who have a good app definitely gains more business than those who don’t. This holds especially well for this hand-held depended generation. As illustrated, specialty hospitality providers would find that their target clientele finds it easier to locate them through these apps. The app needs to be also available on multiple platforms for wide access. They need to be available on major platforms like Android devices, iPhones and iPads. an example of a mobile friendly site can be found here

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